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SealingMolla antipiega 40mm tra cavo e stelo
Response time0.9 secondi (normativa BS 1904/1984/CEI60751)
Stem diameter6mm Forato in punta
Immersion materialAcciaio AISI 304
Internal insulationNon presente
SensorPT100 classe B (+/- 0,3°C a 25°C)
TTS cableFibra di vetro esercizio -200 ... 500°C
GSC cableGomma silicone esercizio -40 ... 250°C
Easy-Up code2301

More info

Temperature measurement by resistance thermometers relies on a property common to all conductors and semiconductors, which is the variation in their electrical resistance in relation to temperature change. PT100 sensor has a resistance of 100 ohms at 0 °C and the coefficient of variation is  0.00385 ohm per degree centigrade. The technology made to meet modern demands in accuracy is based on thin platinum layers on a ceramic substrate (thin-film resistors).

Since the resistance of the sensor is the total of the resistance of the connecting cables (variable with temperature), a three-wire system is used to cancel out the error.

The PT100 Easy-up probes are assigned a numeric code that once inserted allows the Pixsys controllers to automatically set the main operating parameters.

Air holes in the protective casing allows the sensor to respond more quickly to temperature changes.

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